2016 Black History Mural and Poetry Competition Winners!



Mural Contest Winners


Grades K-2

  • First Place: Grade 1 AEMS “Tears over Sunset” Mural

  • Second Place: Grade 1 GEMS -California/Washington Mural


Grades 3-5

  • First Place: Grade 5 GEMS- Map of USA w/ Letters Mural


Grades 6-8

  • First Place: Grade 6 AEMS- “Hallowed Grounds” Mural

  • Second Place Tie-

  • Grade 6 KEMS Podium Mural and Grade 7 KEMS Bus Stop Mural


Grades 9-12

  • First Place: GHS Grade 9-12 Period 9 Ms. Paine “Bridge” Mural


Honorable Mention for cross grade level collaboration:

AEMS Grade K-5 Civil Rights Movement Mural



Poetry Contest Winners


Grades 1-3

  • First Place: Aliyah Williams “I See Colors of Freedom” - KES (Teachers: Ms. Denman & Ms. Garcia)


Grades 4-5

  • First Place: Elijah Williams “Freedom To Live” -KES (Teacher: Ms. Lockhart)


Grades 6-8

  • First Place: Jayla Harris “Unwanted”- Keller KMS (Teacher: Ms. Shaddox)

  • Second Place: Natasha Beliti “Branded, Beaten, Bruised”- KMS (Teacher: Ms. Shaddox)

  • Third Place: Mia Rowe “The Color of Apples”- KMS (Teacher: Ms. Shaddox)

  • First Place: Priscilla Bekti “Nobody Ever Told Me” - KHS (Teacher: Ms. Leisy)

  • Second Place: Alessandro Prado “In Honor of Martin Luther King”- KHS (Teacher: Ms. Leisy) ?????

  • Third Place: Genesis McCree “Bloody Sunday”- KHS (Teacher: Ms. Leisy)

  • Honorable Mention:  Maveo Lopez “Mama, where’s dad?”- KHS (Teacher: Ms. Leisy)

  • Honorable Mention:  Annie Vilorio “Little Rock Nine”- KHS (Teacher: Ms. Leisy)