Electives & Clubs


Lacie Morris | Art Teacher


Students will utilize a variety of artistic mediums and will be encouraged to use their creative abilities.


In Choir you will:

  • Make new friends

  • Make great music

  • Learn to entertain

  • Learn to make people listen, laugh, and cry

  • Learn how to read music

  • Be part of something great!


Students enrolled in Dance will express their creativity through dance as an art form as they learn to appreciate and perform ballet, modern, jazz, hip hop, ballroom, and world dance styles.


Chris Dunning | Band Director / Guitar



Samuel Escalante | Band Director / Classical Guitar


ILTexas KHS has the following classes for band/music:

  • Advanced Band

  • Advanced Guitar

  • Beginning Guitar

  • Jazz Band

  • Music Appreciation

  • Music Theory


Students enrolled in Theatre will learn a variety theatrical endeavors, with an emphasis on appreciating, exploring, and performing theater as an art form.

Community Service


ILT Students are required to complete a total of 60 service hours by the time they graduate (or 15 hours for every year they attend ILT). These credit hours can be completed outside of the school and they can be completed during their class service project. The hours need to be turned in monthly to their counselor using the ILT Community Volunteer Service Hours Tracking Sheet below.